2 November 2011

Design Festival 2011

During the Design Festival, in Sept 2011, I went round London taking snapshots and visiting a few places. Heres a couple of photos I took on my travels. Probobly the best Design Week I've been around yet, found it quite difficult to go to all the venues and shows in such a small amount of time. Also quite difficult not living in London to get the time to travel up.

Timber Wave outside the Victoria and Albert Musuem, exhibition road, Kensington.
Quite interested in the interlocking system that holds each waved edge together. Very neat and all the parts went great together in unison/repeated pattern.
By Amanda Levete Architects and supported with THE AMERICAN HARDWARE EXPORT COUNCIL. To show the uses and importance of American hardwoods.

Murray Moss - 3D printed lights shown in the British galleries at the V&A.
Industrial revolution 2.0
Collaborated with Materialise, Belgium who manufactured all the 3D works in the show.

Textile Field

Bouroullec Brothers -Textile Field. (model of design borrowed from http://www.londondesignfestival.com/project/ldf-va)
Made the big hall space fill cosy, people were chatting, reading their phones or books, some sketching other people. Slightly rough to sit on, didn't stay long on my own as it felt more of a sharing with others space rather than somewhere to quieter to relax in.

Lego UK outdoor greenhouse - Sebastian Bergne in Covent Garden square
Apart from a tiny door for visitors to look in, this self-contained greenhouse was built completely with clear interlocking Lego bricks.
Hot air is pumped in at one side and small vents at the top allow the greenhouse's oxygen air to be released. lovely bright sunflowers and ferns were filled inside.
As it was in such a touristy/busy area, the piece always had alot of attention surrounding it, mainly for the sheer wonderment is was all Lego!